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Good genes and great jeans!

Once again as 'mother and daughter' model combo we were back at the QVC Studios for Diane Gilman jeans this week. This brand really enjoys the fact that we're representing different generations and sizes as it is specifically designed as an 'everywoman' jean and we have to say they do it very well!

It was great being back and as both of us have been working at the channel for many years now there's always a good atomosphere and lots of catching up to do with friends backstage!

However... we had just done ITV Lorraine the day before which is an epically early start time so you can imagine our delight when we spotted that the 'This Works' team had been launching this week at QVC and had conveniently decided to put what can only be described as a 'sleep booth' in the canteen. 'OBVIOUSLY' someone had to try this out and Katherine was more than happy to oblige, the 'rest' however was shortlived as we were promptly called up for the next show but she did say she'd be happy if it were to become a permanent fixture in the building! If only all workplaces with shift workers could have one! This was all slightly serendipidous too as we'd been introduced to the 'This Works' range recently and specifically the pillow sprays. We have to say their 'Deep Sleep Pillow Spray' formulation of essential oils get the thumbs up from us, it smells beautiful and sends us off to dreamland very nicely ...if only it came with our very own personal portable sleep pods too!

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