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Back to Basics Style

We absolutely love this Yves Saint Laurent quote! We're big believers in people dressing for their unique style rather than specifically what's in fashion. Don't get me wrong we love keeping an eye out for new trends but believe it's very important for people to define their own style first and then add to this with new trends in a way that still stays true to them. It's great to play with new looks and always keep your appearance and wardrobe fresh but having a definitive idea of what your 'look' is, that you base your wardrobe on, helps you to maintain a style that works for your lifestyle, gives you an identity that people recognise and helps you shop cleverly and efficently. It is not only your clothing that defines your style either, it is very much your entire appearance including hair, makeup and accessories.

When you look at 'style icons' they tend to be people who have defined their look. Coco Chanel was infamous for mainly wearing black and white, she added pearls frequently for a very chic elegant timeless style. Jackie Kennedy always maintained a very well groomed appearance and veered towards flattering tailoring, simple chic basics and her iconic large sunglasses. Marylin Monroes style was very much defined by her perfectly styled hair and make up and a figure hugging feminine wardrobe of fabulous dresses or capri pants and slimfit sweaters. More recently we see people like Kate Moss who have perfected the 'I just woke up like this' look. Whether she's wearing jeans and a tshirt stepping off a jet or on the red carpet in a fabulous designer dress, her look is a very 'rock n roll' effortless one.

The key to defining your style is to find colours, styles and shapes for your wardobe that make you feel good and work with your lifestyle and go from there. Remember your hair, make up and accessories all complete the overall picture. Go to your wardrobe and look at the clothes you wear most, not just out of convenience, the ones that are your 'go to' items that never fail to make you look and feel the best about yourself, let these be your inspiration. Whether it's a dress, a pair of jeans, a handbag or a necklace, place all your favourite pieces together and you'll get an insight into what your 'look' is. We always recommend that if you have a day when you get ready and you feel great about yourself, take a photo, use this as inspiration when you're going shopping and also as a reminder of what made you feel good. It's always great to look back on when you have those 'nothing to wear' moments!

Good basics make for a wonderful wardrobe

Whilst you're defining your style, make sure you are 'armed' with good basics in your wardrobe. Depending on the season these can vary but generally they consist of the following:

The 'LBD' - we had to start here as it is the most obvious and infamous of all wardobe basics. A little black dress that is figure flattering is a simple chic wardrobe saviour that will serve you time and time again.

Good jeans - Everyone needs at least two pairs of well fitting jeans. We've said two as bare minimum as you need a casual pair and a smarter pair. Jeans are a modern necessity that can be dressed up or down for everyday apparell.

The right underwear- This one really should have been at the top of this list. It doesn't matter what you wear over the top if you've got an ill fitting bra and pants on. Get this right and everything you wear will fit and look better.

Black trousers- Needs no explaining. A good pair of black trousers is an essential.

Simple plain tops that flatter your shape- Even those who love pattern and colour should have some neutral basics in their arsenal. They can be dressed up or down with scarves, jewellery and jackets but they are an excellent 'go to.'

A face flattering pair of sunglasses- No one wanting to invest in their wardrobe, who is serious about their personal style, should be without a pair of shades!

We could go on about shoes, bags, coats etc. but we'll cover them all i'm sure going forward but above is the bare essentials! Rememeber its also about your overall presention, don't forget that your hair and make up are as important as what you wear when it comes to looking and feeling great.

We are aware that we haven't covered the gents (sorry guys!) in this post and we'll be sure to address that in a future post very soon!

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