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S.O.S. - 'Save Our Soles!'

What a beautiful sunny day it's been today, a timely reminder that the weather is slowly changing and our wardrobes with it! Hallelujah! We absolutely love the thought of getting out of winter boots and slipping our feet into some Spring/Summer footwear. We all know though that with this season's footwear comes EXPOSURE! The question is are your feet ready to be exposed? We've compiled a few tips to help you get your feet feeling fabulous and your toes twinkling!

If you don't have a regular pedicure at a salon already this would be our first recommendation, how often you go is completely down to you but even if you only treat yourself once every so often it will massively help you to maintain your feet looking and feeling great. Most of us have the ability to maintain our feet and toes but before maintenance we need this little bit of 'decadence,' a professional pedicure will give your feet a complete overhaul and much deserved TLC! This love and attention is required in a practical way as our poor feet carry us everyday of our lives, everywhere we go and deserve to be well looked after. In an altogether less practical way, although just as important, when they look good, we feel good! After a 'pro-pedi' you can easily maintain your feet between salon visits by regularly buffing and moisturising at home and keeping your toe nails trimmed and polished.

We also highly recommend an Epsom Salt foot bath at least once a week but especially if you've had a busy day and your feet feel like they've paid the price. (You can just add Epsom Salts to your bath and bathe in these salts but if you need a quick fix sometimes a foot bath just does the job!) We know Epsom salts are known as being quite 'old school' but the benefits are endless. For your feet specifically they will help reduce any inflammation, unwelcome foot odour and soften any rough skin but they can also relieve aches and pains, reduce stress and anxiety and help to detox your body. I should mention also that having an Epsom Salt bath or foot bath can cause you to feel a bit more drowsy, due to its detox effects, so make sure you drink plenty of water and try to do your soaks in the evening, it may even improve your sleep! Epsom salts are available in chemists, online and most supermarkets and cost very little considering the huge amount of benefits they have.

So, back to your beautiful feet, now you have a perfectly buffed and polished pedi and your ready for your beautiful new Spring/Summer footwear! FABULOUS!...but.... Let's pretend you're strolling down to meet the girls for lunch, meandering down the high street for some retail therapy or ready to hit the dancefloor at a wedding reception, whatever occasion, wherever it may be we've all had the 'new shoes moment' when part of the shoe starts rubbing and you know a blister or worse is on its way! One of the best products we have found for this is 'Compede' plasters for instant protection and ease.... but.... did you know that they also do a product for prevention of these moments? This is by far one of our favourite 'must have' products that we always carry with us and recommend to all! It's called a 'Compeed Anti-Blister Stick.' This is the perfect product for new shoes! It comes in a small green applicator just slightly larger in size than a lipstick and is a waxy consistency stick that work likes a dream. The best way to use this product is to apply it directly onto any area of your foot where you think your shoes may rub, for example, we always apply first to our upper heels and big toe joints when wearing new heels or summer sandals as these areas tend to be the common 'trouble zones!' We genuinely can't recommend this product highly enough, a friend that we told about it recently went into the 'powder room' at a wedding and was applying a little extra product before hitting the dancefloor again and someone asked her what it was and if they could try it... apparently they were so impressed and telling everyone else, that by the end of the night the whole wedding party were almost queuing up to try some and even the bride and groom ending up using it!

Our last tip on maintaining 'happy soles' and 'perfect pedi's' has to be 'Footies.' These are those funny looking sock type garments that many high street shops have started selling. We say 'sock type garments' but these are very much prettier and more stylish than the average sock! We have nothing against socks but coming into Spring we are much more inclined to put on a pair of these in our shoes! They are perfect for protecting feet especially if you don't like to put your bare feet into some of your court shoes, pumps or trainers. Also, if you have to remove your shoes for any reason, maybe visiting a friends house or possibly trying on new shoes in a store they are much more appealing to look at and slightly lighter to wear than a sock. Our top pick of the 'Footies' out on the high street are these little lacy ones pictured right, they have a cotton sole and a soft stretchy lace upper with a soft silicone edge to prevent slipping. They are from Primark and are £2.50 for a pack of two pairs and come in a variety of colours including black, nude, white and pink.

Happy Spring shoe shopping and wishing you very 'happy feet'! Let us know how you get on with our tips and please like and share below if you've enjoyed this post. Thank you!

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