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Putting your best 'face' forward!

As promised we wanted to share a few top tips for your Spring make up bag! We've put together a

mixture of specific products for this time of year and a few of our favourites. I think it's good to mention at this point that we are huge advocates of wearing 'something' on your face everyday. In a practical way wearing a little make up everyday gives the skin on your face a little protection from the weather be it wind or sun or from pollution, especially if you live or work in a city. Apart from the practicalities though, wearing a little make up that defines your features and evens out skin tones makes you look polished and ready for anything. Therefore, it will help you to feel good about yourself and it is truly our belief that when you look good, you feel good and even on the dreariest of days taking a little time out to spend on yourself and care for your appearance can improve your mood and increase your confidence in your ability to face anything that comes your way. Today we're going to start from the beginning creating a perfect base and foundation.

To begin we always like to 'prime' our faces before applying any make up, it improves the way the make up goes onto your skin and creates the perfect starting point. There are a few products we'd like to mention here although the market is flooded with new similar products regularly and we are always on the lookout for our next new favourite, these are the ones that we tend to always go back to. The first is a product by Boots No7 called Protect and Perfect Serum ( link), its been on the market a while now and they keep 'shaking it up' a little with 'new formulas' but we find it to be a great all rounder product. As well as having anti-aging and 'repair and protect' ingredients it's also hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, we find it to be our favourite product as 'starting point' for the day. Use this serum before applying your moisturiser or any other Primers. You don't need a huge amount of this product and it is best applied by gently smoothing it across your face. At this stage you can apply any moisturiser you use or you could easily apply your make up straight away, as we do a lot of the time. However, if you would like a longer lasting even more professional looking finish to your make-up we suggest adding a primer over the serum. Jane absolutely loves a Boots No7 primer called Instant Illusions 'Airbrush Away Primer' ( link) it is again hypoallergenic and so hopefully suitable for all. This primer tends to give her the appearance of a much more even skintone and softens the appearance of fine lines creating a skin perfecting base for her foundation to glide over. (It is worth mentioning at this point that are doing a '3 for 2' offer on No.7 products currently, so if you fancy trying the serum and the primer you could get a third product free, possibly a Stay Perfect nail polish like Katherines favourite nude nail varnish 'So Simple' by No7 at Another Primer that we have both found creates a fabulous base for work or an event is Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ( link here) it gives a flawless finish and has a waxy velvety consistency that is oil free.

So now your skin is ready for a dash of make up. With foundation, it is highly important that you find the right colour and consistency that works for your skin. To test the colour of a foundation it is usually best to apply a little to your neck, if the foundation seemingly disappears into your skin tone, this is the correct colour for your face (this is preferably done in daylight!). If you're unsure definitely make use of the knowledge of those ladies who scout you at beauty counters across department stores and make sure to pick up a sample or two to try yourself at home.

We tend to go for liquid foundation and personally have always found that using a make up sponge is the best way to apply it, mainly for its ease of use and getting an even finish. We use an oval shaped sponge, dampened down with warm water but make sure to wring out any excess water. You're looking to use the sponge dampened not wet, as it will effect the application.

Apply a small coin sized amount of foundation to the back of your hand and from there using your fingertips, apply a little to your forehead, cheeks, chin and down your nose and lightly smooth across these areas, then using your dampened sponge gently spread evenly blending away around the edge of your face and down underneath your jawline. Some of our favourite liquid foundations at different price points are: Max Factor 'Lasting Performance Foundation' ( link), we both use the shade 105 Soft Beige. Max Factor is 'old school', it has the tag line of being the 'make up of make up artists' as it has been around for a long time and it is definitely the best 'all rounder' in its price range. Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush foundation ( link), has a slightly heavier finish for more coverage and has a very smooth texture and is easy to apply. YSL Touche Eclat le Teint ( has become a new favourite of Jane's due to it's even coverage and silky consistency. Lastly Katherine has recently been using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation ( link) as it has had a huge amount of new press recently and has decided to give it a trial run, she's currently very happy with the results! It is worth bearing in mind here that there is absolutely nothing wrong with mixing your foundation every so often. If you do make the mistake of buying a colour that is too dark or light for you, try blending with a different shade to create a colour that does suit your skin tone. We also always carry a Max Factor Pan Stick ( in our model bags for any extra concealer requirements throughout the day. It's easy to use and a little goes a long way with this 'old school' go to product, we use Nouveau Beige 13.

You'll notice that we've mainly given you links to as we're big fans of their Advantage Points. We collect them up for treats or for Christmas and we like to let you know about their offers but obviously most of these products are available at most chemists or department stores. Hopefully this post has given you an insight into a perfectly prepped base for your make up. We'll be back soon with more make up tips and recommendations and please let us know via Facebook, Twitter or email if there is anything you would specifically like us to cover in a future post. Also, please feel free to use the links below to 'like' and 'share' this post on social media with your friends! Have a great weekend!

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