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Sunshine, showers & a little Chanel!

To be honest, I wanted to give this post the title, 'Sunshine, showers, Chanel & a little salad'... but I thought it may all look a little confusing and you'll see why as you read on! First things first though...What's happened to the sunshine?! We were just getting in the mood and ready to throw down our coats and boots and here we are again throwing all the layers on and trying not to forget to take a brolly! Reminds me of that old quote "Never cast a clout until May is out!" Maybe we've been getting ahead of ourselves but with the heatwave we had at the weekend who could blame us??? I mention the 'heatwave' although unfortunately I didn't manage to enjoy it in quite the way I'd usually hope to but I know a lot of you had fun and thoroughly enjoyed it as I could smell bbq's in the air and everyone I see has a little sunkissed glow! I was at the QVC studios Saturday and Sunday modeling for a jewellery brand called 'Honora' who do a beautiful range of freshwater pearls, then Mum joined me at QVC on Monday for Diane Gilman jeans. It was great to have her company there as we were able to nip out between shows and enjoy a very delicious dinner. We ordered fish goujons and a large rocket salad. I have to say the dressing on the rocket salad was out of this world, we did ask the waiter what it was and he mentioned that their chef warms balsamic vinegar and reduces it down but i'm sure there was something else to it? If anyone out there has made a similar sounding dressing at home we'd love to hear the recipe!

So that's covered the 'sunshine, showers and salad' part of this post, now let's get to 'a little Chanel!' As you may be aware if you've been reading our recent blog posts we were fortunate enough to have had a weekend in Paris recently and I did promise that we'd be talking about some of our lovely little purchases. We absolutely love 'Le Marais' district for it's cobbled streets, full of bars and restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and....make up shops! There's a great selection there including Bobbi Brown, Mac, Make Up Forever and Chanel (to name only a few). I think we popped our heads into nearly every one as we're massive fans of make-up stores and each one feels like an 'Aladdins cave' of potentially hidden treasures and delights we haven't tried yet and when in Paris one must never resist the temptation to shop! Whilst in Chanel spritzing ourselves with some of our favourite perfumes I found this fabulous new nude polish I hadn't tried before called 'Lovely Beige' (available here at or click on photo) and that's exactly what it is. It's a slightly darker shade than my usual nude polishes but has a rich toffee tan tone running through it that I think will work perfectly for Summer when I'll hopefully be aquiring more of a rich toffee tan tone myself! I've been wearing it over the last few days to test it out and have had some lovely compliments on it so it's a winner in my book already! As I mentioned in our 'Perfect weekend for Paris' post we also discovered 'KIKO' a very reasonably priced make up brand we hadn't come across before. They had an incredible range of products and we totally fell in love with their Rose Gold packaging! (see Photo) I bought this beautiful compact including mirror and bronzing powder and can't wait to test it out! (Click pic for link to KIKO's website)

We also used the time to stock up on some of our favourite products too stopping in Make Up Forever, who do a fabulous 'High Definition Powder' we use as a 'finishing product' to take the shine off our make up without making it too matte and also visiting Bobbi Brown to pick up one of my favourite lipsticks, No.73 'Pale Mauve'(Click here for link at We've had few requests recently to share more about make up products we use so I hope you've enjoyed this post and we'll definitely be covering more very soon!

Wishing everyone a very fabulous rest of the week and keeping our fingers crossed the sun comes out to play again this weekend! X

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