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'Winging it' ... and getting 'Lippy!'

As promised we're coming back to you with a few more make up tips and we apologize for the cheeky title but we couldn't resist! ;) Katherine's had a few inquiries, after being on QVC last weekend, about her eyeliner and lipstick she wears on air. She's a massive fan of winged eyeliner and has been testing out different liquid liners for a while. The front runner at the moment has to be Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner, it's available at and they currently have a 'buy one get the second half price' on selected Maybelline products (click link here to This liner has the intense black colour that a 'serious set of wings' needs. The pen shaped tip makes it perfect for getting a precise line from the inner corner of the eye and out to a pointed wing and Katherine's also found that it can last the day without any unwanted smudging or smearing. When applying liquid liner her top tips are to make sure you fill the colour as close to your lashline as possible, don't be afraid whilst applying to alternate between each eye to make sure you're applying it evenly and both eyes will match (always good!) and always always be patient, apply it in smooth steady strokes.

The lipstick that Katherine has been wearing most regularly is a Bobbi Brown shade called 'Pale Mauve' No.73, it's a great soft natural pink nude, which has a beautiful creamy texture and a great density of colour. (Bobbi Brown in Pale Mauve is available from, clink here for link). She's currently using a lip liner that Jane often uses as well, they've both found that the colour is perfect for most of their lipsticks and its smooth texture is perfect for easy application. It's called Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 'Eastend Snob' (Link to here) and is a soft pink nude in colour. If you want something slightly darker to give a more defined line on darker shades Katherine often alternates with the Rimmel 'Addiction' shade too (See link here). To finish, Katherine uses a gloss to give her lips a little added shine and moisture and her current favourite is Rimmel Oh my Gloss! Lipgloss in 'Purr Glossy Cat ( link here). This high shine lipgloss contains Argan Oil and Vitamin E and has that sumptuous soft feel that makes your lips look and feel fab!

Please click on the photos of the products above for additional links of where to buy and if you're headed to be sure to have your 'Advantage Card' to hand. As we've mentioned in previous posts, we're big fans of letting these points add up for special treats or even for Christmas, if you can wait that long! Also, If you're buying any of the Rimmel products above at they have an extra offer of 'buy one get the second half price'...and we do love an offer! Hope you've enjoyed the post and we'll be back soon with lots more. In the meantime, have a fab Friday evening and a great weekend!

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