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"Pump up the Volume" - This is how we roll!

The temperature's rising... so we're turning up the volume too! This is the time of year for weddings, barbecues with friends, holidays and fabulous events like Royal Ascot coming up next week! With the temperatures rising this can be a hair raising time too, you want to look and feel fabulous for that special event but many of us suffer from floppy, flat hair in the heat or frizzy frenzies from the humidity! With this in mind, we want to share with you some of our favourite hair products and styling tips we've learnt over the years. We've recommended one of our favourite hair styling products to quite a few people now and just keep getting the same feedback. One lady sent us this message -

"I just wanted to let you know that I did my hair this morning like you said and WOW i'm so happy with the result. Thank you so much for helping, I did not back comb my hair, I didn't have to and the Lulu Strike a Pose modeling spray is really so good, i'm going to have it on 'auto delivery'. - I love big hair and this is such an easy, less harsh way to achieve lots of hold and volume and my hair has felt like I've been to the salon and had it done. You get so used to doing your hair a certain way and it feels fresher and healthy but it's still BIG, I can't thank you enough"

The product, as mentioned in the review above, is Lulu's Time Bomb Strike a Pose Modelling Spray.

Katherine was first introduced to this product when she modeled for Lulu on her beauty shows at QVC, she then introduced it to Jane and neither have stopped raving about it ever since. It's undergone some repackaging recently and wasn't widely available, hence the fact we've not mentioned it in the blog before but it's now readily available in it's new packaging, see photo and click to buy. It's a little pricier than most typical hairsprays but as mentioned this is not a 'typical' spray. It comes in a pump action spray bottle rather than an aerosol so you can be more precise about how much you use and where you use it, so there's far less waste than an aerosol. Time Bomb Strike A Pose Modeling Spray is also available in a handy 75ml size for just £7.25 at, just click this link to to try. ( keep an eye out for offers on this product when they have shows on QVC too.)

If you ever use rollers in your hair this is our must have product! We know big hair is not for everyone but if you're the kind of lady who does like a little volume in her locks occasionally you will love these tips below. It's also worth mentioning that this is a great process to follow if you are planning on putting your hair up for an event as this will lift the root making it easier to style and this product is a great 'finishing spray' too! Our hair has quite a lot of natural movement and curl and with hot weather and humidity this can lead to our styled do's becoming frizzy messes!...but with a final spray of this product our hair seems to stay frizz free and our style stays in place. So have a look at our personal tips below on how we prepare our 'hair for anywhere'.

The way we use it:

After washing our hair, whilst it's still damp we both like to apply a heat defence spray. One of our favourites is 'Philip Kingsley' Daily Defence Conditioning Spray. This product detangles and adds shine, sprayed into our hair before blow drying it protects it from the heat and maintains good condition. (We also use this product when using straighteners or any other heated styling tools to protect hair from damage) This product is available at, click here for link. (Enter the code 'SUMMER' at checkout for a 20% discount)

As Katherine's hair is slightly longer, wavier and more prone to frizz she then additionally applies a small coin size amount of 'Phytodefrisant,' a gentle relaxing balm to tame the hair and maintain smoothness. This is an amazing product if you suffer from similar 'frizzy' issues to Katherine. The whole Phyto range is made from botanical ingredients and if you read some reviews you'll see this product has had great feedback from people with all different hair types. Phytodefrisant is available at, click here for link. (Remember, as above, they have a 20% off offer too, using the code 'SUMMER' at checkout and also free standard delivery.)

We then blow dry our hair with a medium sized round barreled brush, like this 'Denman' example from (click for link) or if you have longer hair, Katherine loves this MORROCANOIL Ceramic round brush from (click for link) and see photo below. Lift the root of your hair with the barrel of the brush, section by section and then aim the hairdryer down in the direction of the hair from root to tip, making sure you blow dry all the way to the ends to smooth the hair cuticle ready for a longer lasting style.

Next, whilst the hair is still warm, separate hair a section at a time and spray a little Strike a Pose Modeling Spray onto the root directly before putting the roller in. We find the best way to apply your rollers is to take a section of hair, spritz root with Lulu Spray and comb the roller lightly through the hair lifting up from the root to the end. When you reach the end, smooth the end section around roller and then gently roll down to root. We like to then fasten the roller with a bobby pin to keep in place. When you've finished all sections, briefly apply heat from the blow dryer again to gently heat the hair in the rollers. We use a selection of velcro rollers like this example of Trevor Sorbie rollers in a multipack (click here for link to because they grip the hair and give a smooth sleek finish or try these 'Hair Tools' Jumbo Velcro Rollers, available in a pack of 6 from, click for link.

Now, let the rollers cool and set whilst you apply your make-up, make a cup of tea, catch up on emails/social media or just have a flick through your favourite magazine!

When you take the rollers out, glide them through the hair section to gently loosen the spray. Style your hair as you like and then use a final spritz of the Modeling Spray as a finishing touch, but use sparingly, this is strong stuff and little goes a long way! ...and 'voila'...smooth voluminous hair, ready to go anywhere and the best thing is this product then brushes out in the evening and your hair will still feel fab the next day without that sticky build some sprays have!

For extra styling, Jane also loves to take a small bottle of Tresemme Extra Hold Hairspray in 100ml size (available at, click here for link), with her to work, events or when she's travelling. Its great for those top up moments throughout the day and she loves the fact this is such a handy size for her handbag!

Please see pics below of us with our rollers in! Just to give you an idea of 'how we roll'! :)

We're so excited to be able to share with you some of our favourite styling products and hope that you find some of them as handy a tools as we do for getting the look you want and making it last! Hopefully soon the sunshine will start lasting as long as our hair styles do! Have a great week and we'll be back soon!

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