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Beige, Bronze, Gold - We've got it 'Nailed'

"The sun is shining the weather is sweet yeah...makes you want to move your dancing feet!" sung Finley Quaye and that's just how I've been feeling about some of this glorious sunshine we've been having! It's totally inspired my manicure this week and my cheeky little go at having gold tattoos on my feet! (see photo)

Obviously, these are only temporary tattoos (that's just about as brave as I get when it comes to tattoos!) but absolutely loving trying out something new. I'm thinking it's definitely something I would do again for a holiday and think it would be fab for festival goers too...a little bit of fun and I've had some lovely compliments! They're available on the high street but take some looking out for, I definitely want to try out the more simple lines of these ones I found at Topshop next time, click for link to Talking of Topshop, you'll see in the image above I also decided to try out a new gold polish just on my ring finger, to break up the neutral nails. The colour is called 'Heart of Gold', it's a great sunshiney yellow gold but fairly soft in depth of colour and definitely one i'll be wearing again, it's available on for just £6.00 (click for link here), if you fancy trying it too. (Gold stars and gold polish...I must admit, I'm trying not to break into a terrible rendition of the song 'Goldfinger' whilst writing this! Ha!) The neutral colour, is actually a new one I've found and although similar to some of my other favourites has a little hint of mink grey that i'm absolutely loving! It's a Revlon polish called 'Gray Suede', available at (click here for link).

As i'm sure most of you are aware, I do tend to favour neutral, bronze and gold tones on my nails and thought i'd share some of my favourites with you. If you click on the gallery below (slideshow opens), you'll find my top two 'go to' nail colours.

No.7 'So Simple' is a beautiful creamy beige shade in their 'Stay Perfect' collection that I find elongates the line of the fingers, it's extremely understated and yet people notice the colour and I've recommended this shade to countless friends and colleagues. No.7 'So Simple' is available from (click here for link) it's £6.00 and is currently on a 'buy one get second half price offer.' If you fancy a 'pink' as your second choice colour on this offer, we love the 'Cheeky Chops' shade, for nails or toes! (Click here for link to 'Cheeky Chops!') We love a 'cheeky' offer and absolutely love the Boots advantage card scheme! What's also great is you usually get a £5 off voucher with most purchases, which if your next purchase is another polish you'll get it for £1!

MaxFactor 'Midnight Bronze' is in their 'Glossfinity' collection and is, in my humble opinion, the best metallic polish to suit most people. It's warm bronze tone compliments the skin and is a great holiday colour as again it goes with everything! It's a fab pedicure colour too, for 'twinkle toes!' There's no sparkle in this polish and so it is easy to remove and instead has a subtle sleek metallic shimmer to it that works wonderfully in the sunshine. MaxFactor 'Midnight Bronze' is again available here at (click for link) so you'll again be able to 'tot up' some more advantage card points! also have a '3 for 2' offer on Max Factor at the moment so could be a great time to try one of

our favourite mascaras, 'Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara' (Click here for link to It's great for adding volume and drama but also gives a smooth sleek finish to the lashes and we find the wand to be the perfect shape and size for getting even coverage across the eye line.

Back to nude/neutral nails...If you fancy treating yourself to something a little more 'fancy' or have a friend like me, who loves her neutrals and you're looking for gift ideas, I think you'll like these. They're two Chanel polishes that i've tried recently and absolutely loved! I think they'd make a great addition alongside a little bracelet or scarf, to make a fabulous combination for a gift for a friend.

'Lovely Beige' and 'Secret' are both available in the Chanel 'Le Vernis' Nail Colour range at (click here for link).

As we always mention in our 'Manicure' posts, with any of the nail colours we always recommend using our favourite top coat from Seche Vite! It's so fast drying and will give your nails a high gloss, long wear finish. Seche Vite Top Coat is available on the website too, so you'll be adding to that advantage card points balance again, hurrah! If you've not tried this product, we can't recommend it highly enough, we love the convenience of how quickly it does the job and gives the appearance of a professional finish. Just click here for link to Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat at or click photo.

We hope you've enjoyed our recent blog posts and if so, please spread the word and share our site with your friends. I'm back at QVC studios tomorrow for some more of one of my favourite jewellery brands 'Lola Rose'. They have shows at 3pm and 11pm, so if you're looking to treat yourself to some gorgeous new jewellery for the Summer season or on the look out for gifting ideas, tune in then. In the meantime have a fabulous Friday and we'll be back with more soon!

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