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"Over the 'Strawberry' Moon" it's Summer Solstice - Time to talk 'Cocktail

Today is the Summer Solstice and it's coinciding with the Full Moon, or 'Strawberry Moon' (marking the beginning of Strawberry season, yum!). They coincide once every 70 years or so, making it a 'once in a lifetime' occurrence! We don't have much of an idea what the deeper meaning of all this is but it definitely means sunnier days are coming soon (fingers crossed) and we're going out to buy some Strawberries at the very least! Now to think about what to do with our Strawberries, well...Wimbledon starts next week so the obvious 'British' thing to do is to dip those delectable delights into a little pot of cream, delicious...but that's if you can wash them and 'top them' resisting the temptation to just dip the in a bowl of sugar and eat them right there! If you're feeling slightly fancier and have a sweeter tooth you could melt some chocolate and dip the strawberries, pop them in the fridge for while and 'voila' the perfect little 'sweet treat!'

We've been inspired by this cocktail dispenser too! Available from, just click here or photo for link. The thought of the sun coming out and getting one or two of these filled up with some delightful cocktails makes our hearts sing for Summer! The simplest recipe we'll be trying (all in the name of research obviously!) is a 'Strawberry Pimms.' Thankfully, 'Pimms' have done the hard work and made a 'Strawberry & Mint Pimms' available at most supermarkets. All 'we' have to do is add plenty of ice, lemonade and garnish with sliced strawberries and a few sprigs of mint for decoration. We have to say 'Pimms on Tap' sounds like a great use for these dispensers! Alternatively, if you don't feel like making a jug you could just make a 'Pimms Royale' by simply adding a tipple of Pimms to a glass of Prosecco or Champagne and garnishing the glass with Strawberries. So many cocktails to try, we'd love you to send us any of your favourite recipes using the contact form below and we'll share some more over the coming weeks!

Talking of recipes, we do have one last idea for you... 'Adults Only Ice Lollies' A.K.A. - 'Strawberry Pimms Ice Lollies!' (Definitely getting into the spirit of the Strawberry Moon now!) All you need are ice lolly moulds, Strawberries, a few sprigs of fresh mint, a bottle of Pimms and some 'flat' lemonade (it's important that the lemonade is 'flat' otherwise the bubbles with push your Strawberries out of the mould whilst freezing). Place four or five strawberry halves (inside facing outwards) into each mould. Mix together your Pimms and ‘flat’ lemonade and then pour over Strawberries until it reaches just below the top of the mould. Add three or four mint leaves into each one and then insert your stick. Then place in the freezer overnight. When you’re ready for them, remove from the freezer and leave to stand for a few minutes before removing or run a small amount of warm water on the moulds to gently release your lollies. If you don't have Ice Lolly Moulds already, we love these cute retro 'Tinksky' pink ones from, click here or photo for link.

So, we have the cocktails, the punnet of Strawberries and ice lollies setting in the freezer. It's time to invite a couple of friends over for 'Cocktails and Nails!' We absolutely love sitting round the kitchen table enjoying cocktails, having a good old catch up and many times we end up painting nails! It's a great little idea for a get together and what better way to let your nails dry than sipping a Strawberry Pimms! In the 'spirit' of Strawberries and Pimms, we love this MaxFactor polish called 'Dusky Rose' (click here or photo for link to, it's a perfect red/pink balance with a hint of a metallic shimmer (a very gentle shimmer), a perfect polish to take you from day to night, for nails and toes! 'Happy Solstice' from Jane and Katherine...we're now popping online to order our Cocktail Dispenser! ;)

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