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Sunny Days and Catching 'Rays'!

Here we are driving around in 'the sunshine' (Yay! it finally came out!!)...we've had a busy week again and Katherine was in QVC all weekend from Friday for their Jewellery day. It's so lovely to get to try everything on in this job but soooo very tempting, especially the Lola Rose pieces that we both adore especially for Summer accessorizing! Katherine's most recent addition to her collection being the 'Dovehouse' necklace which is currently on sale on the Lola Rose website, it's a long gold tone chain with scatters of beads. Katherine chose the 'Multi Brown Agate and Smokey Quartz' which she's loved wearing and which you can see at this link She also got to work with Kelly Hoppen yesterday modelling her new jewellery range for QVC which is definitely worth keeping an eye on as there were some lovely pieces!

So today the sun's been shining....HALLELUJAH!!! The sun has come out to play and we're all getting a little tease of Summertime! We've very much felt everyone's moods have been up and down with the weather and definitely felt like people are generally much happier now the sun is out... Is it just us or even on the roads there seems to be less 'road rage,' more people are smiling on the street and the feeling of finishing work and the weather still being warm and bright, makes the working week just that slight bit easier! Whilst we're enjoying this little bit of sunshine and summer holidays are around the corner, we'd thought we'd share a couple of our favourite must have products for this warmer weather, whether you're at home or on your holidays!

If there's one product everyone who loves a bit of a 'summer glow' and takes pride in their tanning should have in their bathroom cabinet it's Gatineau Tan Accelerating Lotion. It was first introduced to us last year and that's where the 'love affair' began. This is not a sun lotion and has no SPF, it's main purpose is to 'prime' your skin ready for a deeper golden glow from the natural sunshine. Used as a 'prep product' in the few weeks leading up to a Summer holiday and also as an 'after sun' during/after your holiday, it really boosts your tan and prolongs it. We have no idea how the 'science bit' works but we definitely noticed a difference when we've been away and it's been a 'must have' product for us ever since. It also helps people who are prone to heat rashes/ prickly heat and is a beautiful moisturising lotion that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. It is a little more expensive than most other body moisturisers or after sun products but it comes in a 400ml bottle which lasts us a long time as a little goes a long way and the added benefits for us during the Summer months make it great value. The other great news is we've found it on who have an offer TODAY of 15% off to celebrate 'National Kissing Day' just enter 'KISS15' at the checkout. Click here for link to this product on

Talking of suntans and warmer climates, as we all know, it is very important to wear an SPF in the sunshine. We are always on the search for our next favourite product and so trying new ones all the time and just recently we came across Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect which comes in a couple of different SPF's. It was completely by accident as Katherine was looking for a body moisturiser with a sparkle/shimmer effect to wear on her arms for jewellery shows on QVC and occasionally on arms and legs for evenings out in the summer, she likes to have a little glow! Anyway, this was, fairly randomly, one of the products she came across. It's a creamy texture with a golden/bronze shimmer and it will 100% be coming with us on future holidays... but also as a Sun Cream for Summer BBQ's we think this is a fab choice to add a little galmour! A little bit of practicality mixed with a little sparkle, sensible but shimmery!! Perfect combination!

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect is available at just click here or photo and is currently available on a buy one get second product half price offer on selected sun care.

Whilst talking of sunshine and bronzing our bodies we must mention again our most favourite bronze nail colour. Max Factors Glossfinity 'Midnight bronze' is the 'perfect polish' for anyone aspiring to 'bronze goddessness' or simply searching for a neutral polish that goes with everything! It's also the perfect time to order it online at (click here or photo for link) as they currently have a great special offer on of 3 for 2 across all cosmetics and beauty accessories! Obviously as always we recommend Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat for it's quick dry high gloss finish, we can't believe the thanks we get for introducing people to this product, it's a 'game changer!' Buy Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Duo here at and if buying today use the code 'KISS15' at the checkout for 15% off your order.

We hope you're enjoying the blog and have found some new products to enjoy! Please share with your friends on the links below! Enjoy the sunshine, have a fabulous week and we'll be back soon with more!

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