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Adoring fans and staying cool !

Hello Summer! What glorious weather we've been having this week... It's been great to be able to put on some Summer clothes, shades and sandals and enjoy the sunshine! We decided it would be the perfect time to share some of our top tips for staying cool in these scorching temperatures. Obviously, we should all be wearing an appropriate sunscreen, light easy clothing and staying well hydrated, which means at least one glass of water alongside each glass of Pimms :) ...but alongside these on a practical note there's lots more you can do to 'stay cool.' From fans to sprays and other helpful 'must haves' to stay cool and comfortable in the heat, we've shared our favourites below! Have a look and see if there's anything you're tempted by to help you 'stay cool!'

Magicool is an excellent product and one we always try to keep in our handbags when the temperatures are soaring. It's basically a refreshing chilled mist in a can and works wonders for cooling down your body temperature on hot days. This product is great for people who can struggle in these temperatures, perfect for kids and a little light relief for all when on a hot train/ car journeys. Simply spritz onto face and chest area (or basically anywhere that needs cooling) and you'll feel the cooling sensation straight away, a great Summer essential in a heatwave! Magicool sells out frequently at this time of year but it is available online at click here or photo for link.

Alongside, Magicool, we love to carry a fan with us on these hotter days! We're not talking about those little battery powered plastic contraptions, which can be great at doing the job but can also be noisy and aren't too glamorous, we're talking 'proper fans.' The pretty, glamorous, old school, no batteries needs just a flutter of your wrist. We first purchased our current ones whilst on holiday and they've been super handy! At a wedding we went to, our fans were literally being passed down the top table to cool down the wedding party.... so we are literally 'adoring fans!!' Unfortunately, we may not all be getting abroad this year and have the time to shop around street markets and boutiques for fans but no need! We found these simple chic very similar ones on see below. The black and white ones are from 'Ashprint London Ltd' made from wood and fabric, they're only £3.00 on at this link - click here (they also have a choice of colours too, but we loved these simple monchrome ones) OR...for something a little fancier we saw this black 'Rangebow' wooden patterned fan that comes in a box with its own pouch to store it in, £17.99. Great for a gift or a gift to yourself! Available on, just click here for link.

Another definite 'must have' for any ladies (or gents) in this hot weather is a Compeed 'Anti Blister Stick.' Now, I know we've recommended this before but if you don't have one yet, trust us in this hot weather it's something you'll go to again and again and be recommending to your friends! It's a waxy textured stick that you apply to anywhere on your foot that you feel your footwear may rub, whether you're going to be wearing sandals, flipflops, heels or basically any type of shoe really. This stick gives an invisible barrier that helps prevent rubbing and blisters. Compeed are infamous for blister plasters but why wait for a blister when you may be able to prevent it? Add it to your basket at at this link, just click here or on photo...your feet will thank you! :)

NYX 'Matte Blotting Paper' is our final recommended product for today. An absolute essential for anyone with oily skin, who finds it difficult in this weather to avoid looking shiny and feels like their skin is suffering. This simple little pack of blotting paper slips easily into your handbag and you can just pull a piece out and pat it on the areas of your face that need it to absorb any excess oil. If you usually use powder to avoid shine in this weather, It will also make you need less, which in this heat isn't great for your pores anyway. NYX Matte Blotting Paper is available at for £3.50 at this link, just click here.

We hope you've found some of these tips helpful and manage to enjoy the sunshine with ease! We find a cool, tall, refreshing cocktail in the evening sometimes helps too! :)

Also, just to give you a 'heads up'... Katherine's back at QVC this Friday night and all day Saturday for the Lola Rose 'TSV', one of our favourite jewellery brands! Tune in at midnight on Friday or at 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm or 10pm Saturday and see if there's any beautiful jewellery that you may be tempted by for your Summer wardrobe! In the meantime, have a fabulous week and enjoy the glorious Summer weather, we'll be back soon with more.

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