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Join me LIVE today at 2pm on the QVCUK Facebook page

I'm at the QVC studios all day today modeling for the Honora Pearls shows but today is the day I'll also be doing my LIVE interview Style Chat on QVCUK's Facebook page at 2pm! I'll be chatting about about a few of my favourite brands and products from QVC. CLICK HERE FOR LINK. We'll be on a limited time frame and so I've tried to pick a small selection from beauty products, fashion and accessories/jewellery to touch on as many areas as possible and so have included a bit of haircare, nails, skincare and make up in the beauty selection. I've worked with QVC for quite a number of years now as a freelance model and taken part in shows for a huge variety of different brands, so would say that I'm fairly familiar with the hugely vast array of products available. Although with these products and selections evolving all the time, I don't think I could ever say I've tried or seen it all! The selection I will talk about however are brands that I've personally used (beauty products) or wear (fashion/accessories) that I recommend to friends and family too. I hope you will join us at around 2pm, when I'll be live on QVCUK's Facebook page and would love it if you want to get involved with the chat and ask me any questions. I've compiled a list below of the products I may be mentioning, so if there's anything that I talk about that you might be interested in yourselves (and you don't have a pen and paper to hand!) you can come back here to see the product selection. I hope you enjoy the chat and please feel free to get in touch with me using the links at the bottom of this post or if you have any questions after the live chat.


Philip Kinglsey: These people are Hair Guru's A.K.A. 'Trichologists.' There's a product for everyone in their range and it's a brand I go back to again and again to broaden my collection of products. From hair care to styling products it's dedicated to helping you attain and maintain healthy, manageable hair. I love the fact that you can almost build a personalised prescription for dealing with whatever your individual hair issues may be (we all have them!) I'll be mentioning their Body Building Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner for hair care and the Daily Damage Defense Spray and Maximiser for styling, as a few of my favourite products in their range. Some of these products will be featured on their show tomorrow 10th August.

Lulu's 'Time Bomb': A fabulous range of beauty and haircare/styling products from 'Lulu' herself. I guess a range like this always fascinates me as I feel like you get an insight into how celebrities manage to maintain their glamorous flawless images whilst rocking stages around the world! Well, one thing I have learned from this lady and her range of products is how to maintain a hair style for hours on end! Lulu's Time Bomb Strike a Pose Modeling Spray is a product I've mentioned a few times on our blog posts before and will go on mentioning in future posts as, for me, it's a 'must have.' Whether I'm looking for big glamorous hair for a shoot or event and spraying it on the roots of my hair before rollers or just looking for something to spritz over the finished look to hold and maintain a hairstyle or 'updo' this is the product I always reach for!

Gatineau: Gatineau are a beautiful brand of skincare that I've heard so much praise for over the years and every product I've tried so far has had a luxurious feel to it that I'm always drawn to with beauty products. My top pick from this range, especially as it's now Summer time has to be the 'Gatineau Tan Accelerator.' This lotion is one I use throughout the year as a body moisturiser but it is especially good for pre holiday, to prepare your skin for the sun, during your holidays as an aftersun lotion and post holiday as a tan maintainer. I've mentioned this in blog posts before as it's a product I recommend to friends and colleagues all the time and have to say I wouldn't want to go on holiday without it!

Mally: I have to say it's only recently that I've tried any of Mally's make up range but whenever I've seen her models walking through the studios they always look fabulous and are raving about the products! I've also complimented Presenters at QVC on their make up and so often they mention products from this range, so I had to try for myself! My pick for the style chat has to be her 'High Shine Liquid Lipsticks.' The consistency is perfect for me, the applicator is precise and the colours are all very soft and easy to wear. I love the fact that although the colours I use are fairly understated the high shine gives you a perfect pout fit for anywhere!

Seche Vite: I mention Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat on posts all the time on here and for good reason. For me this the ultimate topcoat, extremely fast drying and a beautiful high shine professional look finish. What more can I say, it's one of my 'must have' products!


There are so many fashion brands on QVC that it would take me way longer than a quick live style chat to cover all the brands that have pieces I love so I've decided to mention three for now, each for specific reasons.

Together: I really admire the Together range and have decided to include it in my top picks. It's one of those ranges that seems to have a little something for everyone. Even pieces that I wouldn't personally wear (I'm a neutral girl and some of these pieces are patterned and bright!) I can always think of someone there and then that I would style it on. They have a great selection of tops and dresses especially and the fit and fabrics are fab! Feminine and stylish, definitely one to look out for if you haven't tried them.

Diane Gilman: Jeans designed for women by a woman....and you can tell in the way they look and they way they fit! A great selection with a style to suit a variety of different individuals and a range of tops that compliment the smart casual everyday look.

Lulu Guiness: A British brand, designed by a woman for women who love handbags! I love the fact that QVCUK makes designer brands like this more attainable, through great value and the occasional easy pay and special offers. I'm fortunate enough to own a 'Nicola bag' and have to say it's one of my favourite handbags that I've ever owned!


My absolute favourite things in my wardrobe are my jewellery and accessories. My personal style day to day is to wear fairly simple good basics from my wardrobe and complete the outfit with a scarf and jewellery. There are so many ranges at QVC that I love and I'm adding more to the list all the time but I've decided to share two of my all time favourites below.

Honora: A beautiful mix of classic and modern freshwater pearl jewellery. As a stylist and personal shopper, I think if you're a lady who's been interested in adding some pearls to your jewellery wardrobe but haven't found the right piece yet or if you're a huge fan of pearls already this is a brand for you. They have a little of everything from beautiful simple chic earrings to high impact cuff bracelets. My recent personal favourite was a single 'Ming' pearl on a long gold tone fine chain, perfect for the 'layering look' or to wear alone. I personally don't believe that pearls go in and out of fashion, I think they are timeless and a classic when worn right for someones individual style and I consider them to be one of natures little miracles when you actually think about where they come from.

Lola Rose: I'll be honest I'm a little bit 'hooked!' I think there will be plenty of ladies out there reading this that understand what I mean! Lola Rose for me is a little addictive. The stand alone 'chunkier' pieces in this range are fab, the scarf fabric and designs are beautiful and when you get me started on the 'bangle bar' range, this is where I'm just going to have to be strict with myself and not write 500 more words about everything I love about this brand! A British brand designed by a woman (with an MBE no less!) who loves jewellery and loves designing pieces to make woman look and feel wonderful! It's all designed around semi precious stones, which makes nearly every piece as unique as the woman who's wearing it. Again, as someone who does personal shopping for people, I think there's a piece of Lola Rose for everyone!


'ONE YOU' SHOPPING A.D.V.I.C.E. ( Allure, Desire, Versatility, Impact, Comfort, Expense)

I want to leave you with a little of our personal 'Shopping A.D.V.I.C.E.' from OneYou. I came up with this acronym on my way home from personal shopping one day. If you use A.D.V.I.C.E. when shopping for anything in the realms of fashion or accessories it will help you to make the right choices for you.

"ALLURE is the initial natural draw to something that you have to have. DESIRE is figuring out if you want it. VERSATILITY is what you should consider next... how much wear will you get from it and how will it work in your wardrobe? A new purchase has to be versatile or it has to have IMPACT. For example if something isn't versatile in the way that you'll be able to wear it again and again in lots of different ways, it may have impact in being 'a knockout' dress, pair of shoes or other piece of fashion or a statement piece of jewellery. Not necessarily versatile but has impact and makes you feel fabulous. COMFORT is obvious, does it fit, does it feel good to wear?...and finally EXPENSE, after all of the above, is it the right price for you, does it have the right value for you?"

We're always trying to find new ways to help people look good and feel good and hopefully this 'Shopping A.D.V.I.C.E.' could help you decide on your next purchase. QVC is a great place to shop as you always have the 'piece of mind' of their 30 day money back guarantee (even on earrings and beauty products!) so it's a great place to start if you're looking to add to some new things into your wardrobe or maybe trying some of my favourite things listed above.

I hope you've enjoyed my little insight into a few of my favourite picks from QVC and our OneYou shopping 'A.D.V.I.C.E.' I look forward to hearing your feedback on the LIVE chat today on QVCUK Facebook page at 2pm. We'll back with more soon, happy shopping and have a fabulous week! I'm now off to break into a rendition of the song "These are a few of my favourite things!" :)

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