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"A little of what you fancy does you good!"

We've had a few ladies contact us recently asking us to do a blog post on skincare products and what our beauty regimes are. As with the majority of ladies we know, we are always trying new products but there are always some favourites that we go back to time and time again. We'll talk about a few of these specific products further on in this post but before this I have to say we truly believe in the age old adage that our grandmothers used to preach, "a little of what you fancy, does you good!"

Looking good and feeling good are definitely, in our eyes, hugely related to how you treat yourself and your attitude towards life. To find a balance in your lifestyle is of utmost importance to feeling your best. For instance, I would say we have, in our opinion, a healthy balanced diet. We are very fortunate to be foodies and we both, but Jane especially, love cooking, so we're very good at getting a healthy amount of 'good foods' in our diet. In contrast though, if we fancy a 'Starbucks Coffee based Caramel Frappacino, no cream' (our favourite, see pic!) we'll have it and enjoy it! It's the same with any 'treats.' Too many times we see people having something they 'fancy' and during that moment 'riddling' themselves with guilt about calories etc. Surely that guilt and stress is more damaging than, for example, one bar of chocolate. It's very important, if you're being 'naughty' to enjoy it! 'A little of what you fancy does you good!' Obviously, on the flip side, if you're doing a health boost and cutting out 'naughtiness' enjoy that too, don't let it make you miserable, be proud of yourself! If you falter and give in to temptation don't punish yourself, enjoy the moment and start again tomorrow. I know this seems like obvious information but lets face it we all have our vices. We read a quote recently that said ''If a friend spoke to you the way you speak to yourself sometimes, how long would that friendship last?" We're just saying 'don't be too hard on yourself.' Life is short, it can be tough and we believe it is best handled with balance, a little humour and a lot of kindness (that includes to yourself). Smiling and laughter are truly the best of all medicines... and we believe a huge part of our skincare too in a roundabout way! After all, we all get lines and wrinkles but smiling and laughing will help to make sure they're in the right places! :)

Back to skincare regimes and products. It would take more than one post to cover skincare and all the products we love, so we're going to go back to basics and follow with a few favourites. As far as any 'beauty regime' for us goes, we do have 3 basic 'general' rules we follow.

1: We have always and will always remove any make up and cleanse our skin before bed. We do have a friend who argues this point by asking "how does your skin know what time it is?" I'm truly not sure...but the way we see it, skin needs to rest and breathe. Whether you're an everyday make up wearer like us or you're just wiping away the natural pollution and dirt that is unavoidable, cleansing your skin in the evening before bed is essential to a 'beauty routine.' We like to use a very simple cream cleanser for face and eyes, lightly massage it all over the face to 'lift' our make up and then gently remove with dampened cotton pads. Our current favourite is L'Oreal Plenitude Re-Nourish Cleansing Milk, it's very simple and gentle and is suitable for sensitive skin. Click here for link link to buy at

2: We don't mess with our faces too much. Sounds obvious but when we're applying our make up or cleansing it off at the end of the day, we believe in being gentle. It's not good to rub your face too much or pull it around, especially the delicate eye area.

3: The most obvious...drink plenty of water. We won't bother going into the 'science bit,' we've all heard it before but it is essential.

They really are our basic fundamental rules that we follow, we like to keep things simple :) ... Now for a couple of products. We all have different skin types that react differently to different products and also our own skin changes and adapts, so our products must too. During the Summer especially we feel our faces prefer 'a less is more' approach so again we've kept things simple below and thought we'd share what each of us uses post cleansing in these warmer months, especially when the weather is a little erratic!

We'll start with an old favourite brand that we've both gone back to again and again. Jane has always been a fan of 'Oil of Ulay' products. This brand have been around for what seems like forever and it feels like an 'old friend' on our beauty shelf. Most frequently Jane uses their 'Olay Complete Night Cream' for normal/dry skin. It has a silky creamy texture that feels nourishing on application. Jane sweeps a small amount over her neck and decollete first before very gently pressing the remainder onto her cheeks, chin and T zone. Never rubbing but just lightly seeping or pressing the product onto the skin. She feels it re-nourishes and hydrates the skin overnight especially during the Summer months. Olay Complete 3in1 Moisturiser Night Cream 50ml is available by clicking here for link to

Katherine also likes to use a product at night after cleansing to hydrate and replenish her skin and is currently a big fan of L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil. This product, to her, even smells nourishing and relaxing. She uses 4-5 droplets and warms it slightly by rubbing her palms gently together before gently patting onto face, neck and decollete. L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil is available to buy by clicking the link here to

We're also huge fans of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, We use it every evening on our lips to keep them moisturised, it seems to nourish and protect them from the weather and air conditioning etc. It's also great for any areas of dry skin and an absolute 'lifesaver' products if you ever suffer small burns from the oven or hair straighteners etc. Simply run the scald under cold water as you normally would to stop the burning sensation, pat dry and apply Eight Hour Cream, it not only soothes but definitely seems to improve the length of time the wound takes to heal too! Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant 50ml is available at just click here for link.

We hope you've enjoyed this little insight into a few parts of our skincare routine, you can read more about some of our daily products and make up in our 'Putting Your Best Face Forward' post, just scroll through our older posts or click here for link. Please get in touch at the social links below and share this post with your friends. Have a great week and we'll be back soon!

Keep smiling! :)

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