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Post Bank Holiday Blues? Make your Rosé a 'Frosé!'

Another busy week but a hugely welcome Bank Holiday Weekend to break things up nicely!

Katherine was back at QVC Friday and Saturday, so having the extra day worked perfectly. Sunday remained a relaxed day full of delicious food and downtime for us and then Monday she braved Brighton. We say 'braved' as she was sure it was going to be a horrific journey with lots of traffic and throngs of people from across the UK heading for the coast but decided to bite the bullet and go anyway. Thankfully, the rest of the UK must have already made their way down earlier in the weekend as she flew down with little to no traffic and had a 'proper' British Bank Holiday! A stroll down the pier, giving into all temptations including the hot fresh doughnuts and candy floss, a little walk through 'The Lanes' for some window shopping/retail therapy and then chips on the beach in the afternoon sunshine and breathing in the sea air to finish the day! It was absolutely perfect and Katherine was just left to wonder why we don't do it more often, so we'll be going down again very soon! Meanwhile, Jane's been busy working on another of her own exciting little projects, they say 'everyone has a book inside them' but we guess it's all about whether you ever take the time to sit down and let the words out. Well Jane has been doing precisely that and really enjoying the experience! It's still a 'work in progress' for now but we'll be sure to keep you updated!

One thing we've all also been extremely lucky with is the weather, long may it continue! Talking of the good weather, on Katherine's travels down to the coast on Monday she stopped off to buy some water and at the till she received a free Daily Telegraph with her purchase. Now, this must have been fate because we had never heard of a 'Frosé?!' Apparently it is one of the late Summer's 'coolest' drinks and is in fact a frozen Rosé wine hence the name 'Frosé.' I have no idea how we missed this but after last weeks 'A little of what you fancy does you good' post, I think this definitely comes under that remit! Thank you Daily Telegraph! You can read all about it here: but we've taken a

little pic of the recipe for you, so you can try it too. We read the consistency is like that of a Slush Puppie (now that brings back some memories!) and apparently according to the article 'Waitrose' have said that "sales of Rosé wine have doubled from this time last year!" So we'll be off to buy a nice little bottle of Rosé and the rest of the ingredients to try this weekend. One of the best value and easy Rosé's we've tried from is the Barefoot, White Zinfandel, click for link. So off we go to the supermarket, let us know if you try it too and we can compare reviews!

Inspired by our Midweek Cocktail recommendation we put together a few Rosé inspired, 'Blush' and Rose Gold pieces for you to possibly wear whilst sipping your Frosé!

Clockwise from top left:

Peach Slouchy Knitted Cardigan - £35.00

Rose Gold Sports Watch - £17.99

Linea Pinstud Scarf in Blush - £16.00

Cube Ring - £4.25

Nude Fringe Duffle Bag - £55.00

Rose Gold Filigree Disc Earrings - £2.99

(*Prices correct as of date of post, please click item in list above for link to purchase)

These pieces would look great worn with a simple pair of your favourite jeans with a white or tonal camisole or tshirt. Perfectly accessorised, as a 'finishing touch,' with a glass of Frosé! :)

Wishing everyone a fabulous rest of the week and good luck to all the mums with kids back to school next week! We'll be back soon and if you've enjoyed this post please share with your friends via the social media links below! X

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