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September Style and 'Sofia's Sexy'!

Happy September from Jane, Katherine and Derby dog! Had to share this cute pic of Jane and Derby enjoying the sunshine today, partly because Derby is so cute but mainly because we're loving these 'Oversized Marble Disc' Dorothy Perkins Earrings! ;) (Click here for link to

Yes, it's September and as so many people have been saying, 'hasn't this year gone fast?!'... and 'how can it possibly be September already?!' Made worse by the fact we read it's the 250th day of the year today, which makes Christmas way too close for comfort not to mention Winter boots and coats! Okay ... we'll stop there as we are having a little nice weather this week and certainly don't want to be having any sort of countdowns! :) One fascinating fact that someone did mention today though was the fact that 10 years ago this week in 2006 Justin Timberlake was at no.1 in the U.K. with 'Sexyback' (how time flies!)...although you may not all have been a fan or even heard of this song, we seem to remember it having the lyrics "I'm bringing sexy back." Now 10 years on...isn't it time we all brought a bit of 'sexy back?' A beautiful lady we know shared this photo of Sophia Loren ( See photo below). Now because of the quote at the top of the photo a lot of woman commented on this relating to her size, shape, the pasta

and the wine etc....but for us the reason Sophia Loren looks amazing (and very sexy...talking of 'bringing sexy back') is not her curves, beautiful Mediterranean good looks or showing off her figure (although these help obviously!) but mainly it's about one single simple thing... her attitude. We're pretty sure if she was fully clothed with exactly the same pose and posture she would still look as fabulous and most probably as sexy... because of the attitude she's exuding. She's posing like a woman who is confident and comfortable with her body. We think we could all learn to be a bit more comfortable with our bodies, proud and confident. There's a famous quote that says 'Style is an Attitude' and we fully believe this. Sometimes "it's not what you wear but how you wear it." Now we realise Sophia Loren is in her 'undies' here, but just imagine this same photo but with the woman portrayed, shrugging her shoulders and hanging her head looking forlorn and like she doesn't like her wouldn't have the same effect right? Even though it would be the same woman, same figure, same setting. We guess what we're trying to say is test it out, draw those shoulders back, check your posture, be proud of your body and hold your head a little bit of 'Sophia's sexy' and see how different you feel. Now I think we'll get back to 'clothes to put on' rather than concentrating on Sophia...ha ha!

We were at the shops today.. surprise surprise! ;) We were looking for some inspiration in the stores as this weather seems to have us wanting to be in summer sandals one day and then grabbing a brolly the next! We have a few clients using our Wardrobe Services at the moment, we're helping them to start clearing out any 'clutter' in their closets to start making room for their Autumn Personal Shop with us. House of Fraser seemed to be the place we spent the most time today and we wanted to share just a few of our favourite finds with you!

As mentioned these were all House of Fraser picks today and you can find them online by clicking these links to below:

HOF - Miss Selfridge Oatmeal Cowlneck Jumper £30.00 A simple yet chic jumper for Autumn, we loved the versatilty of the Oatmeal tone, the soft neckline and it's a great length too.

HOF - Mango Knit Cape in Cream - £17.99 A great layering piece perfect for most ladies wardrobes to wear now and going forward into the cooler months.

HOF - Miss Selfridge Camel Knot Back Top £25.00 So soft, fab detailing and we love the camel colour!

HOF - Vero Moda 3/4 Sleeve Off Shoulder Top in Blue £22.00 This beautiful 'Bardot Style' top has to be our pick of the day because we're not quite ready to let go of Summer just yet!

Hope you enjoyed this insight into our day and hopefully found a little style inspiration! We'll be trying to channel a bit of 'Sophia's sexy' for the rest of the week (if not the rest of our lives!) after seeing this pic and remember it's all about your attitude! Keep smiling and we wish you a very Happy September, we'll be back soon X

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