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Get your Beauty fix with our shimmering top picks!

Hello Autumn! We do love this season and no doubt we'll all 'get in the mood' soon for some of the more lovely things about this time of year but 'boy' has it come around fast! So we're slightly apprehensive about greeting it with too 'open arms' as we're still trying to totally avoid the fact that soon we'll be back in boots and jumpers and though there have been days when we've thrown a heavier scarf on (and had to take a brolly) recently, it's thankfully still getting to the point during a day when you have to sling it off again because it warms up! Anyone else feeling like the skies have been a bit crazy over the past week? We've had sunshine, storms, a Full Moon and the Equinox but even though we have 'officially' turned to Autumn now the weather forecast over the next couple of weeks is promising a few more sunny (warm-ish!) days! We've also got a good month or so before the clocks 'fall back' and so we're thinking it's best to just look on the 'bright side,' so we've been inspired to share some of our shimmering top picks again this week!

We say shimmering as one of our favourite products we are going to talk about is from 'The Body Shop' and it's literally shimmering as well as being a little shimmering star in our make up collection! We've always been fans of The Body Shop's products and loved their whole ethos, not to mention that they feel like an old friend on the high street with so many new brands popping up all the time! :) The first shimmering star in our beauty collection we're going to talk about is The Body Shop's 'Baked-to-last-bronzer.' You may have noticed on us that our bronzer, especially around our cheekbones and décolleté has a slight shimmer. We've both been huge fans of this product for a long time and it's often the kind of effect that people ask about and want to know what it is. A little goes a long way with this bronzer and you only need a small amount to get great effects. We use the 01 shade and apart from being a beautiful warming shade for lifting your colour and giving you a sun-kissed glow, it also has a hint of subtle sparkle that gives you a natural shimmering highlight especially in the sunshine. As mentioned apart from highlighting our cheekbones we also use this product on our décolleté, swept across our collar bones and onto the tops

of our shoulders (if they're on show) to add a bit of definition, colour and a hint of shimmer. So, if you're looking for a bronzer with a soft subtle shimmer this ones definitely worth a try. It's available at this link to 'Baked-to-Last-Bronzer' or click on the photo above. We also have The Body Shop 'Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder' in our make up bags which is just as beautiful for contouring and comes in an array of tones but is without the shimmer so can be used all over the face for a hint of natural looking warmth. We both use the 03 shade which is a 'Matte Medium' tone and It's available by clicking the image.

The next star product that we want to share with you is The Body Shop' s Coconut Nourishing Body Butter. If you haven't tried them before, the 'Body Butters' come in a variety of different 'flavours' but we just love the holiday smell of the coconut, it reminds us of sunny days at the beach! We always have a pot of this on hand as it's beautifully rich and so fabulous as an all over body moisturiser but also because of the silky richness it's great just to apply as a top up to dryer areas like heels and elbows. It leaves a smooth silky sheen to the skin and if you close your eyes and just breathe in the coconut aroma you'll be daydreaming of the beach in no time! We think one of the best things about The Body Shop is the fact that the products smell exactly how they should. This may sound strange but so often you'll find coconut products for example, from other brands and they may smell slightly like you want them to but not true to what they are. The Body Shop's Coconut Body Butter contains "cold pressed Community Trade virgin organic coconut oil" it smells amazing and you can actually feel how nourishing it is for your skin! You can find The Body Shop's Coconut Nourishing Body Butter by clicking this link or the image.

Our last recommendation for today from 'The Body Shop' would definitely have to be the 'Indian Night Jasmine' Eau de toilette. Soft and feminine with a gentle hint of musk makes this scent absolutely perfect for days when you just want a subtle hint of scent rather than a full blown perfume. There are so many products to talk about from The Body Shop and always new ones we'd love to try but these are definitely some of the 'must have' products we always have in our beauty bags! They also have regular offers available and you can sign up to be notified of these by email via the website Talking of offers, if you'd like to try any of these products it's worth knowing that if you're an O2 customer, O2 Priority have a 30% discount online all weekend! (We do love a discount!)

We absolutely love being able to share some of our favourites with you and think it's important in a World full of different brands and products to get recommendations. It helps you to find what your new favourites will be too, so we always encourage women to ask each other what something is if they've admired it on someone else. Whether it's a lipstick, a fragrance, a bag or an item of clothing, we don't know many woman who wouldn't be flattered if someone asked them where something was from, it's a compliment to them and you may just find your next favourite thing! We hope you've had a wonderful week so far and hope you find a few bits of inspiration for new products to potentially try. We'll be back soon with more, until then have a fabulous rest of the week!

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