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It may be Winter outside but you can still have a Spring in your step with our top tips!

Well the weather has definitely turned, we don't know about you but these chilly winds are going through us and we're ready to wrap up! A scarf is the ideal accessory at the moment and Katherine shows lots of different ideas of how to wear yours on the Lola Rose video at this link, just click here to watch or click photo on left. It's been a busy week Katherine was at QVC over the weekend and she's back in tonight and all day tomorrow for the Lola Rose TSV (Todays's Special Value) at QVC. We're always guaranteed that there will be some fabulous jewellery on offer but also potentially a scarf or two with Lola Rose so keep an eye out on QVC over the next 24 hours and see if there's anything that catches your eye.

We've also both been out helping people organise their wardrobes for this new season. We encourage everyone at this time of year, when we're definitively going from one season to another, to do some decluttering and reorganisation. First and foremost you need to declutter and by this we mean packing away any Summer clothes that won't be needed over the coming months, obviously we'd put these somewhere more accessible if you have any Winter holidays planned, but they need to be away from this seasons clothes. Secondly, whilst decluttering be discerning about any items that don't fit, have seen their best days or you just don't need or like anymore. One of the main reasons we find people feel like they have 'nothing to wear' is that they can't actually see what they want to wear. It's sometimes hidden in a mountain of a combination of ill fitting, non inspiring, worn out clothes. This can be a daunting process as it can be a difficult one for people to either make time for, to prioritise to do or they may just feel like it's an overwhelming process to do themselves. People generally recruit us to help them prioritise this job and to help them make those definitive decisions on what could go, what must go and what could be just hanging waiting for the opportunity to shine in their wardrobes. Sometimes all it takes is making a little space and a little re-organisation for someone to feel completely differently about their closet. So after, or best of all during the declutter, we take the time to help people make their wardrobes easily manageable. It feels great to get some clarity in the organisation of all your pieces. If you have a 'work wardrobe' separate this from your casual and going out clothes. Then organise each of these sections so you can clearly see your skirts, trousers, tops and jackets etc. You can even go further than this and start colour themeing each section. I know this may sound like it could be one step too far but if you do this when you're having an organise it helps you so much when putting outfits together and also helps to identify gaps in your wardrobe. For example, you may see that you have a couple of specific coloured jackets but you haven't worn them as you don't own just the right tops to go underneath. At this stage of the process we help people to make a list of items that they could look out for whilst shopping that will fill these gaps and make items more wearable. You'll usually find after a process like this you start seeing clothes that you'd forgotten you owned and be inspired to start putting together outfits. If you see obvious outfits that you like as your going through, hang them together ready for when you may feel like putting them on, you can even add a scarf and maybe some jewellery over the hanger to remind you how you wanted to wear it. This way next time you feel like you 'have nothing to wear' you have a got a whole outfit 'ready to wear!' On this note of putting outfits together, it's a great tip to take a photo of the ones you love and work for you so you remember them in the future if you want to wear them again or put something similiar together. I think we've all had moments when we'll look back at a photo of ourselves and think 'I liked myself in that top/outfit' and had totally forgotten you own it or how much you liked yourself in it. :)

After going through a full declutter and reorganise of your wardrobe, shopping gets easier, more fun and you'll definitely be more discerning about what you buy so that it doesn't just become more clutter! You'll be able to use the 'list' that you've made whilst organising to see items you need and you'll naturally be more drawn to items that will work within what you already own. You'll also be more aware of what your personal individual style is and how you can build on it. For instance, you may have identified that you need more jewellery and what style jewellery you get the most wear from and what feels good, so you'll be conscious, when out at the shops what it is you're looking for. As we've mentioned before, we love shopping!... and it is best to follow your instinct and to what you're naturally drawn to but we also like to keep our Shopping A.D.V.I.C.E. in mind.

One You's Shopping A.D.V.I.C.E. stands for Allure - Desire - Versatility - Impact - Comfort - Expense

"ALLURE is the initial natural draw to something, you've immediately walked up to look at it and you're admiring it. DESIRE is figuring out if you want it, if you're considering purchasing it. VERSATILITY is what you should consider next... how much wear will you get from it and how will it work in your wardrobe? A new purchase has to be versatile or it has to have... IMPACT. For example if something isn't versatile in the way that you'll be able to wear it again and again in lots of different ways, it may have impact in being 'a knockout' dress, pair of shoes or other piece of fashion or a statement piece of jewellery. Not necessarily versatile but has impact and makes you feel fabulous. COMFORT is obvious, does it fit, does it feel good to wear?...and finally EXPENSE, after all of the above, is it the right price for you, does it have the right value for you?"

If you think about this advice when you're next shopping it will help you to make the right purchases and eventually will become second nature. The most important of the above being Versatility and Impact. Try to be sure everything you buy for your wardrobe is either a 'versatile' investment piece that will work with lots of your items easily or an 'impact' piece that feels fabulous! Hopefully with a little love and attention your Autumn/Winter wardrobe will come together beautifully and you'll feel confident and rest assured that you've plenty to wear! Remember if you need any help with your wardrobe organisation or getting inspired for this season in the shops, we offer a range of services, individually tailored to you where we can personally come and assist you from One You 'Wardrobe Restyling' to 'Personal Shopping' Services, please contact us using the links below or our contact page by clicking here.

We hope you've enjoyed this post and feel inspired to start getting your wardrobe Winter ready! As we

mentioned Katherine's been back modeling some beautiful brands this week on QVC and this evening for one of our favourite jewellery brands, Lola Rose. Tune in and let us know what you see that tempts you over the next 24hours, I know we'll be adding a few pieces to our wishlist! Last weekend it was these LR 'Preslie' earrings photographed top left. Katherine loved the Rose Gold Tone matched with the Peach Moonstone, perfect neutral tones for her Winter wardrobe!

In the meantime, we wish you a fabulous rest of the week and we'll be back soon with more Autumn/Winter style inspiration! :)