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Birthdays, beauty treats and the beginning of a new month!

It's been another busy week for us and it's getting busier for Katherine, busy but fun too! She will be modeling on the Lola Rose QVC 'TSV' (Todays's Special Value - for non QVC viewers!) launching tonight at midnight, with shows at 3pm and 7pm tomorrow, 4th November. It's also the launch of 'Jewellery Day' tomorrow at QVC, so as well as the beautiful Lola Rose TSV (a stunning bracelet watch) and their other beautiful delights there will be lots of other fab jewellery offers from lots of top brands. It's also Katherine's birthday, so on top all of this she'll have to fit in a slice of cake or two as well! :)

We've also this week had the clocks go back, a Scorpio New Moon and the beginning of a new month! So many reasons for starting afresh, trying new things and giving yourself a bit of TLC! We've been recommended Liz Earle's 'Cleanse and Polish' so many times and decided what better time to try it?

Lots of models and presenters we know use 'Cleanse and Polish' as a regular part of their skincare routine and the name definitely matches the product, we literally feel like we we're cleansing off the week and polishing up ready for a new day when we use it! We say 'cleansing off the week' because although the product directions say it can be used as a daily cleanser (and we know a lot of people who love to use it this way), for us this will be a once or twice a week treat for our skin. We try to keep our beauty routines as simple as possible and when it comes to a product like this, we like to make the times we use it feel special. Even the process of applying it by gentle massaging circles onto our faces and wiping it away with a warm muslin cloth feels like a ritual worth savouring! We love the soft aroma and it leaves our skin with a soft radiance that feels nourished and clean. Liz Earles 'Cleanse and Polish' is available at click this link or the image on the right... but also keep an an eye out for special offers coming up on live QVC shows!

As we mentioned earlier in the post, the clocks have dropped an hour back and the temperatures have certainly been dropping too and we notice it's an important time to be making sure we're paying extra attention to looking after, not only our skin but our hair too. We're not sure if it's the change going from cold air outside to central heating indoors but our hair is loving being 'Elasticized' at the moment! If 'Elasticized' is a word you're not familiar with you probably aren't familiar with the Philip Kingsley range of products yet. We were introduced to it a few years ago at QVC when Katherine was booked to model for one of their shows and the selection of products we use from the range has grown year on year ever since. They offer a full range of hair care and styling products designed by the late Philip Kingsley who was a 'Trichologist' (In non-scientific terms - a total hair and scalp 'GURU!').

The product 'Elasticizer' that we've referred to above is a 'pre-shampoo' treatment that helps to restore your hairs natural elasticity and bounce. We absolutely love treating our hair to this treatment and we can literally feel the difference when styling afterwards. You don't need to use it every time you wash your hair but it's definitely something that we try to do at least once a month if not fortnightly. Apply to dampened hair and massage in, gently pressing it into the length of your hair all the way to the tips, leave on for the required time, for us its usually about 30 minutes and then Shampoo out. We like to follow 'Elasticizer' with the 'Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo and Moisture Balance Conditioner'. We tend to buy the larger sizes as we use these products so regularly but you can buy a 150ml pot of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer from just click for link or image on left OR you can try all three products by trying this Trio of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, Body Builing Shampoo and Moisture Balance Conditioner at click here. (As usual we'd also recommend looking out for offers on live QVC shows too!). The combination of these three products seems to be a perfect balance for us to make our hair feel healthy, balanced and revived!

So, this week we've done our 'Cleanse and Polish' and 'Elasticized' our hair for the weekend and ready for Katherines Birthday Celebrations, I'm sure we'll feel like we need to do it all again on Sunday and be revived once again for the new week and you know what...we can't's sounds like the perfect Sunday treat of TLC!

For now we'd just like to wish you all a wonderful November! Whether you're celebrating a Birthday like Katherine or getting in early on some Christmas Shopping or simply want to treat yourself to a well deserved treat... try and tune in over the next 24 hours for one of the Lola Roses shows on QVC and maybe send a tweet or call in and join in all the fun! You can also contact us via the social links below and let us know if you love the products we've mentioned in this post or if you're going to give them a try, we'd love to hear from you! We'll be back soon with more, have a fabulous weekend! X

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