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Spring is in the air - read our tips for fabulous hair !

All around us there are hair products, serums and sprays galore

we think we've found the perfect one and then there's always more!

We all have our favourites and we swap tips with a friend

then look on social media and see what celeb's recommend!

So many brands to choose from, so many different reasons to try

finding the perfect formula and what it does and why?

Conditioning, volumising, shine enhancing, smoothing... blah blah blah

so easy to get lost in adjectives when all we really want is 'HURRAH!'

The perfect little product that does just what we need it to do

so we thought we'd share our favourites, especially for you

Tried and tested by us and part of our regular routine

these are our must have products and they work like a dream!

Here they are, our two 'can't be without' hair products! Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer to care for our hair and Lulu's Time Bomb Strike a Pose Modeling Spray our No.1 styling product...

PHILIP KINGSLEY ELASTICIZER: Award winning 'pre shampoo' treatment that helps to restore your hairs natural elasticity. This product was originally personally developed by the late Philip Kingsley for the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in the 1970's. It was designed to repair hair repeatedly damaged by heat processing and Audrey Hepburn was apparently so impressed by the product she used to have multiple tubs of it shipped to her home in Switzerland at the time. We think if you try it you'll understand why! We were introduced to this product through modeling on the Philip Kingsley shows at QVC a few years back and being a place where copious amounts of beauty products are available you can always tell the special ones by what everyone's talking about! We hear models and presenters all the time recommending Elasticizer to each other! It really does make a huge noticeable impact to the condition of our hair. Although we say 'condition,' this is way more than your average 'leave in conditioner.' After use our hair seems more manageable, stronger and renewed, forgive the expression but it definitely gives it more 'ooomph!' Having coloured, bleached, straightened and blow dried our hair excessively over the years this is one product we will never be without in our bathroom cabinet!

APPLICATION: Hair should be dampened with water and combed through for easy and effective application. Taking one section at a time, apply the Elasticizer from root to tip gently pressing the product into your hair, concentrating especially on the ends. Once we have completed this stage, we cover our hair in a 'toweling hair turban' (We get ours from Primark for just £1.30!) but if you don't have one of these, a simple towel or shower cap would work too. The product should be left to 'work its magic' for at least 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing and washing your hair as usual. For convenience and effectiveness we also leave it on overnight every so often for a more intense treat, rinsing and washing in the morning.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is available at in 500ml and 150ml sizes. We tend to go for the 500ml as it's more cost effective when using on a regular basis and the pump dispenser is clean and easy to use. Look out for offers on upcoming shows too. *TopTip - Philip Kingsley also do smaller travel size tubes of this product and this is a hair saviour on holiday when your hair is in the sun and swimming pools etc! We found some 75ml Philip Kinglsy Elasticizer travel size options on click for link.

TIME BOMB STRIKE A POSE MODELING SPRAY: Straight from Lulu's fabulous 'Time Bomb' range this is our no.1 styling product for our hair. I guess if it's good enough for Lulu's lifestyle touring the world on stage, it's definitely good enough for us and you know what Lulu? Pardon the pun....but this hairspray makes me wanna shout! :) Shout from the rooftops that if you have any sort of fine, frizzy unmanageable hair issues and you don't want to spend ages making your hair look fab... just to walk out of the door and your style suddenly become limp and lifeless, all your good work lost, this is the product for you! We don't know what the secret is to this pump action, 'pump up the volume' spray but it works for us, we even tried using it a few years back on a trip to the US for a family wedding. Naturally we wanted our hair to look great all day but in extremely hot and humid weather conditions and hair types pone to curl and frizz, this was a big ask. This product was a life saver, simply spritzed over our hair post styling it held all day (...and through the night on the dance floor!) We've recommended this product a few times here on the blog before and the amount of people who have contacted us to let us know how happy they are with the results is incredible, we've actually had some quite emotional messages from ladies who have struggled with styling their hair for years and this has totally changed their lives!

APPLICATION: We tend to use velcro rollers after drying our hair to add volume to the root and get a more sleek finish. After sectioning the hair ready to be rolled we apply a quick spritz of Time Bomb Strike A Pose Modeling Spray, concentrating on the root. We then glide the roller from the root to tip before rolling it into the hair and securing with a pin. Leave rollers in for as long as possible and then slide out when ready. Style your hair and add a few sprays to your finished look. *TopTip This product brushes out at the end of the day, so you can use it again the next day without any build up. It's also perfect for keeping up-do's in place when you need a hairspray that lasts! Lulu's Time Bomb Strike a Pose Modeling Spray is available in a Duo at at this link or try an individual bottle from by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do and everyone else we know who uses them. They really are a pleasure to share with you as we know the great results we have had! Wishing everyone a fabulous rest of the week and we'll be back soon with more recommendations and style inspiration.

We're now off to the QVC studios for Ruth Langsford's Fashion Edit at 9pm this evening, hair's ready and Strike A Pose Modeling Spray in hand!

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