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Chilling in the Chilterns at Champneys

The clocks changed a couple of weeks ago now and it's definitely starting to feel like we're going to have a beautuful Spring! We've had a busy few weeks... but for one day, talking of time, it all slowed down for 24 hours... because we had a day at Champneys...

I feel that your brain and body is gently teased into a much slower pace within just a few hours of visiting this haven. It was a little girly treat for Mothers Day and although Mum has visited before a number of years ago, for me it was a first. As a family who wouldn't usually consider themselves 'spa type people' we may have been converted! I must add here, that it's not that there is a specific 'spa type person,' it's just that if we have a day or two off to treat ourselves to some R&R we usually have a list of places to visit and people to see and catch up with. Well.... how nice it is to do nothing! When I say 'nothing', we obviously kept ourselves very 'busy.' Busy eating the delicious breakfast, busy doing a few laps of the beautiful pool, busy relaxing in the Jacuzzi's....then lunch...phew, it was busy, the list goes on! Ha! X As I was saying though, this was my first time and although Champneys Tring is not a million miles from us, driving through the beautiful country lanes and up the quintessentially British, very grand driveway, surrounded by perfectly preened lawns and fresh countryside air, I felt very far away from 'the real world.' Apart from the promise of rest and relaxation, you definitely get a feel of escapism. This is a place to turn off your phone and your brain and succumb to indulgence. The building is stunning, a very 'old English' country manor feel, with high ceilings, ornate finishings and breath-taking views of manicured gardens and countryside. We were greeted in the lobby to check in and collect the generic uniform for all guests, a soft white dressing gown, white flip flops and a Champneys tote containing all the information you need for your visit but also to carry any essentials you might need throughout the day. This bag ended up being extremely handy also because the Champneys shop is conveniently and cleverly located in the centre of everything and so having passed it numerous times, we soon succumbed to a bit of retail therapy! Our favourite purchases being from the Decleor 'Aroma Confort' range that we 'discovered' on the day, we have a definite new love affair with Decleor and the Champneys own 'Exotic Retreat Body Mist,' which literally smells exactly like it's name, think paradise in a bottle! The perfect purchases to indulge in at home to remind us of the day! X

All checked in, we had a little wander round to familiarise ourselves with the place before breakfast and remember noticing how warm everywhere was, obviously forgetting that we were still in our normal attire at this point! I have to say once in our cozzies and gowns, this warmth is much appreciated! The breakfast buffet was a delicious array of fresh fruit, juices, shots and smoothies, you name it, there was a little something for all tastes. Being a Health Spa, it was all extremely healthy of course but when I say 'all tastes,' even for us girls who were there more for a jolly day out rather than a health kick, a delicious healthy fry up of turkey bacon rashers and poached eggs off the expansive menu was absolutely delicious and didn't feel too sinful! Although on this note, I did feel like the rebels in the room as the smell of bacon wafted over some of the fruit laden tables! Ooops! :) We must say at this point that the food was excellent overall on the day. Our lunch later on in the day again offered a plentiful choice of different dishes and the 'healthy' Eton Mess (yummy yoghurt to replace the cream) for dessert was divine and definitely something we'd recreate at home! Enough about the food though, ha! You'd never guess we were foodies would you?! ;)

We had such a wonderful relaxing day, taking time to have a wander around the gardens, in the little bit of sunshine that came in the afternoon and making the kind of decisions that you simply wish were the hardest you'd face every day of the year!....Which Jacuzzi shall we visit next, shall we bathe in the heat of the Laconium, shall we have another swim or go and relax on the blanket and cushion laden heated water beds in the relaxation room? Talking of which, these beds were definitely an unexpected highlight. I would say I'm a fairly laidback person but I'm not generally one for daytime napping or relaxing in a room full of strangers, however, I laid down and decided to go with it and take a moment of meditation. Well, within 10 minutes of laying down on these warm nests of water I was gone....away with the fairies... in 'never never' land! It wasn't until Mum nudged me and said she was off for her pedicure that I realised I'd been asleep for 45 minutes and awoke in more dopey relaxed state than I'd been for a long time!! From then on I was putty in the world of spas hands! I genuinely can't say I've ever had a more relaxing, de-stressing, unwinding but at the same time refreshing and energising day. The only feeling that would come close is the moment a few days into a holiday abroad when I'm laying on the beach and I have a realisation that I've finally slipped into 'holiday mode.' That sort of 'chilled out vibe' away from 'normal life,' when you realise you don't need to know what time it is or what your doing for the rest of the day because it doesn't really matter :) As I said though even on holiday this would take a few days and here it was after simply a few hours. So whilst I bathed in the moment of my *chillaxed state (*the perfect combination of chilled and relaxed), Mum wandered off for her pedicure appointment, which she absolutely loved and came out toes twinkling and a big relaxed smile on her face too. Needless to say we absolutely loved our little day trip to Champneys and are now fully converted 'Spa Type People!' ;) It will definitely be something we'll be recommending and looking forward to another visit soon! Find out more at

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter Bank Holiday weekend and we'll be back soon with some Spring style inspiration! X