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Behind the scenes with Lola Rose, fabulous hair & skin that glows!

Bring on more of the sunshine we had this weekend! It was absolutely wonderful to get a taste of warmer weather and it couldn't have come at a better time! Mum and I had a wonderful day on Friday to round up the working week, filming with one of our favourite jewellery brands, Lola Rose. We were unbelievably lucky with the weather as the sun shone for the majority of the day and considering we were outside in a London park for some of the duration we were very grateful!! We were shooting some promotional videos for the brand to be shown on the QVC shopping channel. It was fabulous to get a taster of some of the beautiful new collections coming soon and we found ourselves making notes, like a shopping list, of all the new pieces we loved! There's lots of stunning new stones and designs but not only do Lola Rose do stunning jewellery they also have a collection of beautiful scarves. (see link here to see the LR scarf collection

Mum was wearing one of the new collection scarves, with soft pink base tones mixed with a soft abstract tropical print black pattern we found reminiscent of 'Agent Provocateur,' a perfect balance of feminine and soft but also sophisticated and sexy! This range of scarves are large enough to double as sarongs for the beach too and I'm sure I could see mum's brain ticking coming up with outfit ideas for her next holiday! Lola Rose does seem to have that dreamy inspirational edge, their jewellery and accessories inspire outfits as well as often providing that perfect finishing touch. Their jewellery range is one that we feel as happy wearing on the beach as to a wedding or a night out and it is for this reason they've become such an essential part of our wardrobe. Find Lola Rose jewellery on or visit to learn more about the individual collections and more information on the semi precious stones that they use.

The location for the day was a stunning 3 storey house in South West London, with its grand high ceilings, white washed walls and large windows it was awash with light and oozed glamour! The QVC crew and Lola Rose team were a dream to work with as usual and we can't wait to see the finished product that will be coming soon!

With the sun out and more shoots coming up it's important for us to keep our skin and hair looking Spring/Summer ready.

Since our trip to Champneys (see previous blog post) and discovering 'Decleor', if there's one product we definitely won't be without this Spring/Summer its their 'Gradual Glow Body Milk' from the 'Aroma Confort' range. It has the most beautiful aroma, reminiscent to us of holidays and as well as feeling richly nourishing and moisturising the 'gradual glow' is perfect! We apply it after showering and having a gentle exfoliation and see the effects of it's tanning properties within hours. We like to top it up a few times a week gradually building up the colour and using plenty of moisturiser in between applications to keep the 'glow' looking fresh. As with all fake tan products be sure to use gloves or make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after use and be sure to buff around areas that tend to give away your fake tan secrets like your feet, hands and elbows after applying. It truly gives us the feel and look of 'holiday skin' and anything that comes close to this is a winner in our eyes! It's currently on offer at with free delivery and a free gift with lots of trial size goodies from the Decleor collection, click link here: Decleor Gradual Glow Body Milk 400ml and as always look out for upcoming offers on Decleor shows at


When it comes to our hair, we have to make sure we are taking good care. With stylists on set regularly straightening, curling, back combing and restyling, sometimes all in one day, our hair seriously goes through the 'wars!' Our bathroom cabinets are full of conditioners and treatments to try and fight this daily wear and tear and there's just one product that seems to miraculously bring our hair back to life every time. We use 'Elasticizer' from the Philip Kingsley haircare range. Now I won't pretend to know any of the exact science behind this product but I do know it was developed by leading trichologist Philip Kingsley himself. I also know that dozens of our model friends and colleagues also rave about this product. As the name suggests it was developed to help restore and bring back the natural 'elasticity' of hair. It feels like food for our hair when we use it. It definitely gives our hair back it's natural 'oomph,' leaving it feeling stronger, more manageable and the appearance and feel of smoother, healthier hair. We try to use this at least once a week but more or less regularly dependent on how our hair condition is feeling. In an ideal world and time allowing I like to leave the Elasticizer in for at least 2-4 hours and so tend to use this product in the evening, I've even slept in it for a deep overnight treatment. At the same time we've used this as a pre shampoo and only left it in for 10minutes and still noticed the difference in the condition of our hair. Application is easy, just dampen your hair and apply in sections from root to tip, gently pressing the product into your hair. At this stage, if you're going to leave it on for a while we recommend using a shower cap or hair turban to cover your hair and we feel this intensifies the effect. After your chosen duration simply wash out using your regular shampooing routine. Voila! Nourished, bouncy conditioned hair! We invest in the larger Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 1000ml size when we can as it lasts for months and ends up being a great deal 'pennies wise' but also do a 75ml version which is great if you want to try it for the first time or are looking for a travel size for holidays. Click here to go to for the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 75ml and find out more. *They also have a special discount code to get an extra 18% off your order at the time of this blog going live, just enter 'FRESH18' at the checkout.

We hope you've enjoyed this post and please share with your friends using the 'social' links below. We'll be back later this week with some Spring Style inspiration but for now, have a fabulous week, keep smiling and remember... there is only one you! X